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What is the Parent Resource Center “PRC”?

The PRC is a non-profit cooperative dedicated to providing affordable educational opportunities to all of our community’s families. Operating in an economically and culturally diverse area, the PRC and its members celebrate their differences through the open exchange of ideas and experiences. At the same time, we build bridges between these diverse groups by bringing families together in a supportive environment where parents and caregivers can share the joys and challenges of raising young children while their children play, experiment, and learn in a safe and nurturing atmosphere.

What Does it Mean to Be a Cooperative?

The PRC relies on members to work together to provide services to the whole membership.  At the PRC, parents work together in the best interests of the children and their families. Parents and the community have the opportunity to be involved with the PRC in various ways. Their involvement includes: volunteering to help at special events, to help decorate and/or refresh the facility, and/or to donate goods to the PRC for events or to better the facility as needed.  For those that wish to get more involved, there are opportunities to serve on a committee or on the Board of Directors. Participating and volunteering your time is a terrific way to meet other families, to build great friendships, use your own special skills and maybe learn new ones to make a difference in your community.

Does the PRC have any Religious or Political Affiliations?

No, we are an all-inclusive organization, with members as diverse as our community.  Our members come from all different religious, ethnic, political, and economic backgrounds.  We welcome everyone!

Do you Offer Financial Assistance?

Yes, we offer full and partial scholarships based on need and availability for general classes, our summer enrichment program and special events.  If you are struggling to make ends meet and would like to participate in the PRC, please talk to us.  We will do our best to help you.  Those families below a certain income qualify for our Outreach program, which includes our Stepping Stones program for children 0 to 5 years old as well as services for the parents and summer field trips for a nominal fee.

How do I Join?

Why if I’m a Member do I have to Pay for Events? What Does the Money Go To?

Members DO need to pay for events because in order to provide all our wonderful special events, we need to generate the income to cover their costs.  Moreover, as a non-profit, we put all our revenue back into the PRC.  Profits from events are used to help fund our high quality programming, maintain and improve of our facility, pay salaries for our employees, and provide a fantastic Outreach program.

The organization is run by a Board of Directors composed of up to 30 parent volunteers, as well as a small but (very!) mighty staff. Additionally, an Advisory Board made up of Board alumni exists to offer professional consulting, as well as ad hoc volunteer support. Because the PRC is a co-op, every member contributes to the success of the organization by volunteering as part of their membership requirement.

Come to one of our monthly Board Meetings to learn more! Feel free to reach out to our director at or speak to any of the current Board of Directors. To be in good standing on the Board of Directors you must attend at least 6 board meetings, volunteer for at least two events, attend the annual gala and turnover dinner.

Who Runs the PRC?

Join a committee! We have everything from planning events to to beautifying our physicality. Feel free join one or more committees!

Community & Business Partnerships Committee, Events Committee, Finance Committee, Diversity Committee, House Arts Committee, Marketing & Communications Committee, Membership & Volunteering Committee, Outreach Committee, Summer Enrichment Program Committee, Technology & Website Committee

How do I Become a Board Member and What Does that Entail?

I’m not sure the Board of Directors is Right for Me. What else Can I Do and Be Involved?

Can I Attend Events like the Gala and Mom’s Night Out even if I was never a Member or been to the PRC

Yes! Everyone in the community is welcome.

Myself and/or the company I work for would love to get involved with a local non-profit. Who would I reach out for donations or sponsorships?

Please reach out to our director at 

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