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Programs & Classes

Class Policies and Questions

  •  If for any reason you’d prefer not to register online you can register for classes through the main office. 

  • Age ranges for all of our children’s classes are carefully chosen to optimize enjoyment of the subject as well as for a child’s ability to thrive among their peers. We ask that your child meet the minimum age requirement by the first day of class. If you register your child for a class where they don’t meet the age requirements the office will contact you to help you find another class.

  • All enrollments and registration payments will be acknowledged by email which will also serve as your receipt and proof of payment.  In addition, we will notify you if a class is no longer available.

  •  We understand that things change. If you find the need to drop/change from one class to another, we will honor your request but only during the first two weeks of each semester.

If you need any help or suggestions don’t hesitate to ask!

Please click here to contact us or call us at 516.767.3808 during our office hours (calls are generally returned with 24 business hours).​

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