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​Sponsorship Opportunities Available

A Night in Hollywood

Lights, Camera, Party!

Come dressed for the red carpet as we raise funds for the Parent Resource Center (PRC). A Night in Hollywood will feature music and dancing, a casino, gift baskets, and delicious food.


Frank Ullman

Erin Orr

PRC Superstar Award: 

Kathleen Admirand-Dimmler

PRC Student Superstar Award:

Jonathan Gold

Ticket Sales Now Open!

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In consideration of participating in the activities and programs of The Parent Resource Center (the “PRC”) and to use its facilities, equipment, and machinery in addition to the payment of any fee or charge, I do hereby waive, release and forever discharge the PRC and its Board of Directors, officers, agents, employees, representatives, executors, and all others from any and all responsibilities or liability for injuries or damages resulting from my participation in any activities or my use of equipment or machinery at the PRC or arising out of my participation in any PRC activities, including transportation provided by the PRC to or from PRC field trips. I do also hereby release all of the aforementioned and any others acting upon their behalf from my responsibility or liability for any injury or damage to myself, including those caused by the negligent act of omission of any of the aforementioned or others acting on their behalf or in an way arising out of or connected with my participation in any activities of the PRC to the use of any equipment at the PRC and including any injuries that were the consequence of my own negligence.

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