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Superhero of the Month: Johanna & Adam Menzel

November 2020

It is hard to imagine a local institution that has been more influential and valuable to multiple generations of our family, than the Parent Resource Center. Adam was the first Menzel to get involved with the PRC at the age of 3, when his mom Diane signed up for a "Mommy and Me" class at the original PRC Campus Drive location.

It was there that Adam met his best friend and future business partner, Ben Nobel. The PRC is to thank for their lifelong friendship and business partnership. While still in college, the pair launched a company from their dorms, and both graduated a semester early to work full time on the venture. Working side by side, Adam and Ben remain devoted friends and business partners to this day. While their business model and company name has changed, their original bond has not.

Adam and I eventually moved back to Port Washington in 2010. We continued the PRC tradition and signed our son Hudson up for his first PRC class - music with Jeff Sorg. I loved the community of parents that we met there and the wonderful classes. Our family also enjoyed the kids concerts on the Landmark lawn, the PRC booth at Port Fest, and one year we even hosted Hudson's birthday in a PRC classroom. Eventually our younger son Simon joined the PRC family, and he especially loved coming to open play and using the slide!

Eventually, I started working at the PRC, truly coming full circle. In addition to teaching in the Stepping Stones Outreach program, I also have taught Paint, Play and Party, Play Preschool, Little Explorers, and Run, Jump, Kick. I have taught the science program for the PRC summer camp and run holiday and school vacation workshops.

We feel so fortunate to have the PRC in our community and in our family's life. The values, community, and friendship of the PRC has helped to shape our family, and the community we live in. Adam and I are truly grateful to the PRC for all that it has given to our family.

Johanna Menzel

PRC Teacher, Supporter and Friend

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