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Welcome: Nicole Asselta, Executive Director

October 2020

I am so pleased to introduce myself as the new Executive Director of the Parent Resource Center (PRC). The PRC has been a very special part of my eighteen years living in Port Washington. When my husband and I were buying our first home, the sense of community and organizations like the PRC made Port Washington the most appealing place to raise our family. The PRC offered me the support I needed to overcome the isolation, confusion and ambivalence that came with being a new mother. The opportunity to meet inspiring young parents in infant and toddler classes, participate with them on the PRC Board of Directors, and volunteer together in the PRC Outreach program was invaluable. Many of the parents I have met at the PRC have become leaders in our community working at Residents Forward, Spectrum Designs, The Art Guild, Community Chest, Long Island Together, and serving on HSA Boards and not for profit boards throughout our Port Washington community. I am grateful for their inspiration and for the help they have given me to grow professionally and personally. I know that stepping into this position I am following the tremendous work that Patirica Class has done for the organization and I hope to build on her accomplishments.

Today our community is faced with the collective trauma of being part of a global pandemic. Whether we have been on the frontline of the pandemic, have lost loved ones, have experienced economic hardship or have been bearing witness to these struggles, we are all experiencing this crisis together. The PRC continues to keep our community connected with others, holding educational classes outdoors, offering the chance to volunteer to help those in need and providing creative zoom and in-person programming for parents. The PRC aims to provide these important first connections, even in a pandemic, for young children and their caregivers.

The Sands Point Conservancy has generously opened the beautiful Sands Point Preserve for our PRC Outreach participants to enjoy their Stepping Stones classes. We are so grateful for the opportunity to provide this outdoor experience to children in our community who need it right now more than ever. Our Stepping Stones and Outreach team has incredible teachers and volunteers who are committed to helping our most vulnerable and I am so fortunate to work with them.

In order to help the PRC continue to help families in our community stay connected to each other and continue its incredible outreach efforts, we ask that you all become PRC Superheroes and register to take part in our virtual Superhero Run November 8, 2020. You can register to run as a family, an individual or you can donate to our fundraising page.

We need our community to come together and ensure that Port Washington’s amazing PRC endures these current challenges. Join us for a class, renew your membership or run/walk with us on November 7th.

Nicole Asselta

Executive Director

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